Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don Perignon 2003 , Light up Label!

How about this? Collectible!?
HK Snob

A 50 years Moutai, Guess who will afford to open it for a Dinner!?

Price Peso 2.200,000
Or HKD$392,857
Avaiable at Caviar at Alanang.
HK Snob

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Don Perignon 2002

People says there is about 43,000,000 tiny bubbles in a bottle of Don Perignon, I have tried but no way to find so many.. anyway the Champange is best of all, of course that is not as good as year 1996, 1973...
Anyway, it's bottle that we should open with good friends. This Restaurant the guy does not know how to open it and it popped out about 10% of the liquid and the cork jet up sky high with sound of a small motar!
Anyway, the restauarnat should teach them how to open a bottle of decent Champange properly.
HK Snob

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chateau Angelus in Casino Royale

Someone from Chateau Angelus must have paid million dollar in order that Daniel Craig put the Angelus Label right in front of the Camera? Is it too obvious?

Angelus is a Premier grand Cru Class from Saint Emilion,  especially 1989. Moreover, price is not that untouchable!

HK Snob

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Korean Ginsen rice wine

Honesty, when I first saw it, it was not pleasant to look at, the wine is chalky and thick, but once i tasted it!
I found that is very good for Korean roasted beef in Summer. Korean used to take it with bowl, holding it with one hand and drink with big mouthful. The are pleased to be serve full on the bowl as a kind of respect.

The alcohol content is somewhat liek red wine:12%.
It is sweet, served cold and highly recommended with Korean and korean Food! of course, if the Korean Movie star is there, the taste will be even perfect...
HK Snob

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wine for the past 4 years

This is the bucket of corks that I had opened in the past 4 years, I think The most beautiful evenings I had were:
1. 1966 Margruax

2. 1986 Lafite

3. 1996 Petrvs

4. 1996 Latour

5. 1989 Angelus

6. 2000 Mouton

7. 1976 Lafite

8. 1996 Mouton

Today I met a women wine appreciator, she told me some one wants to sell tow bottle of Lafite 1982 at abput HKD$30,000 each! What a tempting price, but how sure that the storage is good!?

HK Snob

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wine Depot

This is what we had shopped for wine that could be consumped in the Christmas Party, some 20 bottles of French, and Chilean Wine.
Interesting to see good information about wine... "If food is the good body of living, Wine is Soul!

"Manila Snob

A Case of Lafifte

We bought a Case of Lafifte, Well, it was bid as HKD$50,000, Now this case of wine came to us with minimum price of HKD$120,000. This is the magic and Charisma of Wine.

HK Snob

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Balvenie 1964 at HKIA

I came HKD$1across this great Bottle and It seems to me I could smell the scent of the Whisky form the glasses... Well, I do think that oce you have got th budget, go and try, I ahve not tested it as I am not yet a fan of Whisky.

This unique cask, Number 10378 from 1964, has matured to perfection at The Balvenie Distillery, and is extremely rare, offering connoisseurs a whisky of a lifetime.
The 1964 cask, personally selected by The Balvenie Malt Master, rested in a single oak cask for over 40 years at The Balvenie Distillery in Speyside, Scotland. With only 151 bottles forthcoming, The Balvenie 1964 is a rarity. Look at the price tag HKD$108,000.00! Last Customer was a Chinese, he bought it with cash!